What is this store?

A cross between a museum and a lemonade stand. A gallery where everything is for sale. A bizarre bazaar for all the semi-valuable artifacts I collected while making The Doodlebops:

  • Toys
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Original set pieces
  • Scripts
  • Design packs
  • ...and other behind-the-scenes items

I held onto all this stuff for sentimental reasons. Or maybe I thought they would be valuable someday. Either way, the time has come to open the vault. I'm not sure if it's been long enough to call The Doodlebops "vintage" but the day will come. Let's call these collectables "pre-vintage" for now. 

Most of the items listed here are one-offs. Once an item is bought, it will be marked as "sold out". I'll keep the page active because this is a vanity store after all, but there's a 0% chance I'll be getting more in stock.

 Opening jib shot before the concert


Who is Jamie Waese?

Jamie Waese headshot

There used to be a Jamie that made children's television. He went to USC film school, worked at Disney, then CBC, then he made The Doodlebops and some other children's television shows after that. There was another Jamie who went back to school in his 40's and got a PhD in data visualization from the University of Toronto while teaching film-making and design at Ryerson University (now called MTU). More recently there was a Jamie who led UX design teams for TD Bank, IBM and Shopify, making visual analytic tools for financial data. The current Jamie is still learning to write in the third person. He has a website if you'd like to know more: www.jamiewaese.com